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Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1950) 11 (2): 131–145.
Published: 01 June 1950
...Derek van Abbé Copyright © 1950 by Duke University Press 1950 THE MIDDLE HIGH GERMAN WRITTEN LANGUAGE FACT OR FANCY? By DEREKVAN ABBB The basis of all philological research is the dialect, the language of daily life (German...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1964) 25 (4): 493–494.
Published: 01 December 1964
...Glauco Cambon Aldo D. Scaglione. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1963. x + 250 pp. $6.00. Copyright © 1964 by Duke University Press 1964 REVIEWS Nature and Love in the Late Middle Ages. By ALDOD. SCAGLIONE.Berkeley and Los...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1961) 22 (3): 311–313.
Published: 01 September 1961
... over the last lines. CHARLESGULLANS Uniztersity of California, Los Angeles The Literature of the Middle Ages. By W. T. H. JACKSON. New York: Colum- bia University Press, 1960. Pp. xiii + 432. $6.00. It is difficult to evaluate...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1962) 23 (3): 229–232.
Published: 01 September 1962
...Jane Acomb Leake Copyright © 1962 by Duke University Press 1962 MIDDLE ENGLISH GLOSSES IN THE BEOWULF-CODEX By JANE ACOMBLEAKE Despite Kenneth Sisam’s proof that Beowutf is part of a codex in- cluding four other pieces and that the whole was compiled about...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1963) 24 (4): 414.
Published: 01 December 1963
.... ROBERTSHULMAN University of Washington A Middle English Syntax: Part I (Parts of Speech). By TACNOF. MUSTA- NOJA. Helsinki : SociCtC NCophilologique, 1960. Pp. 702. $6.00. The Finnish scholar Mustanoja has given us a most useful tool in this Syntax. What with the failure...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1950) 11 (2): 246–247.
Published: 01 June 1950
... The Canterbury Tales of Geoflrey Chaucer: A New Modem English Prose Translation, Together with the Original Middle English Text of the General Prologue and the Nun’s Priest’s Tale. By R. M. LUMIANSKY.With a Preface by MARKVAN DOREN,and Illustrations by H. LAWRENCEHOFFMAN. New York...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1955) 16 (2): 171.
Published: 01 June 1955
...Richard H. Green Henry A. Person. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1953. Pp. viii + 92. $2.50. Copyright © 1955 by Duke University Press 1955 Richard N.Grcm 171 Cambridge Middle English Lyrics. Edited by HENRY...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1960) 21 (3): 280–281.
Published: 01 September 1960
..., and, unlike Rctii. Galand, I believe it to be valid as far as it goes. GEORGERoss Rrnm Gcorgia State Colleg~ Middle Ages-Reformatiori- Volkskimde. Festschrift for JOHN G. KUNSTMANN. Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Studies...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1970) 31 (4): 504–506.
Published: 01 December 1970
...Stephen Manning Sarah Appleton Weber. Columbus: Ohio State University Press, 1969. x + 292 pp. $10.00. Copyright © 1970 by Duke University Press 1970 REVIEWS Theology and Poetiy in the Middle English Lyric: A Study of Sacred History and Aesthetic...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1975) 36 (2): 133–147.
Published: 01 June 1975
...Sherwyn T. Carr Copyright © 1975 by Duke University Press 1975 THE MIDDLE ENGLISH NATIVITY CHERRY TREE THE DISSEMINATION OF A POPULAR MOTIF By SHERWYNT. CARR The fifteenth pageant of the Middle English dramatic cycle...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1979) 40 (3): 307–309.
Published: 01 September 1979
...Robert J. Ellrich John Lough. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1978. vi + 435 pp. $36.00. Copyright © 1979 by Duke University Press 1979 REVIEWS Wriler and Public in‘ France: From the Middle Ages to the Present Day. By JOHN LOUCH.Oxford: Clarendon Press...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1943) 4 (1): 91–93.
Published: 01 March 1943
... any change. As a text- book for beginners in the study of Middle High German and German philology (history of the German language) it should be welcome to all Germanic scholars in the English-speaking world. The publisher, Basil Blackwell, deserves a word of appreciation for the attractive...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1989) 50 (2): 186–189.
Published: 01 June 1989
... price and, except for pushing the notes to the back, produced the book impeccably. STEPHENA. BARNEY University of California, Imine Four Middle English Mystery Cycles: Textual, Contextual, and Critical Interpretations. By MARTINSTEVENS...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1992) 53 (1): 57–82.
Published: 01 March 1992
...Rita Copeland Copyright © 1992 by Duke University Press 1992 LYDGATE, WWES, AND THE SCIENCE OF RHETORIC IN THE LATE MIDDLE AGES Bp RITA COPELAND In literary histories and critical studies of the English fifteenth cen- tury it has...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1993) 54 (1): 67–76.
Published: 01 March 1993
...R. Howard Bloch Copyright © 1993 by Duke University Press 1993 The Once and Future Middle Ages R. Howard Bloch The study of medieval literature and culture has never been more alive or at a more interestingly innovative stage. The institutional signs of a New Medievalism...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1995) 56 (3): 247–275.
Published: 01 September 1995
... of English at Gustavus Adolphus College. The Rhetorics of Sexual Pleasure and Intolerance in the Middle English Cleanness Michael Calabrese and Eric Eliason Introduction The fourteenth-century Middle English homiletic poem Cleanness is the least popular of the Gawain...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1997) 58 (2): 127–161.
Published: 01 June 1997
...Seth Lerer The Genre of the Grave and the Origins of the Middle English Lyric Seth Lerer Written along the top margin of a late-twelfth-century theological manuscript, penciled as continuous prose in a hand now only barely legible, is the following brief text...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (2004) 65 (3): 391–422.
Published: 01 September 2004
... in medieval and early modern English texts. Race, Periodicity, and the (Neo-) Middle Ages Lisa Lampert n the last decade there has been a notable body of work on premod- Iern racial and ethnic representation. In medieval studies, questions of race and racism, anti-Semitism, and premodern...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1983) 44 (1): 65–79.
Published: 01 March 1983
...Thomas B. Byers Copyright © 1983 by Duke University Press 1983 THE PEACE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FLOOR W. S. MERWIN’S PROSE By THOMASB. BYERS The lack of significant critical attention to W. S. Merwin’s...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1983) 44 (3): 285–304.
Published: 01 September 1983
... UGLY DUCKLINGS AND SWANS MARGARET DRABBLE’S FABLE OF PROGRESS IN THE MIDDLE YEARS By MARGARETMOKGANKOTH GULLETTE Margaret Drabble’s favorite story has always been the myth of the Ugly Duckling who becomes a Swan...