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Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1962) 23 (1): 46–52.
Published: 01 March 1962
...George Fenwick Jones Copyright © 1962 by Duke University Press 1962 THE CHANSON DE ROLAND AND SEMANTIC CHANGE By GEORGEFENWICK JONES Alfred North Whitehead once wrote that “it is in literature that the concrete outlook of humanity receives its expression. Accord...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1963) 24 (1): 104–110.
Published: 01 March 1963
...Lionel J. Friedman Copyright © 1963 by Duke University Press 1963 THE YARN OF THE CHANSON DE TOILE RESPUN By LIONELJ. FRIEDMAN For more than half a century, the treatment given by Alfred Jeanroy in Les Origines de la poke lyrique en France au moyen 6ge...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1963) 24 (1): 88–98.
Published: 01 March 1963
...George Fenwick Jones Copyright © 1963 by Duke University Press 1963 FRIENDSHIP IN THE CHANSON DE ROLAND By GEORGEFENWICK JONES Perhaps the most misunderstood word-group in the Chanson de Roland is that comprising the verb amer and its cognates amur...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1969) 30 (3): 319–330.
Published: 01 September 1969
...Gerald Herman Copyright © 1969 by Duke University Press 1969 UNCONVENTIONAL ARMS AS A COMIC DEVICE IN SOME CHANSONS DE GESTE By GERALDHERMAN War is the dominant theme of the medieval French chanson de geste...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1952) 13 (3): 299–304.
Published: 01 September 1952
.... A similar pattern appears in Rabelais’ use of the chanson. This popular form, generally light and frivolous, proved unusually apt, in Rabelais’ hands, for heightening risqu6 episodes in the narrative and for producing an atmosphere of whimsy or mock-seriousness, as in the introduction...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1951) 12 (1): 93–95.
Published: 01 March 1951
... l’kolier par les pieds, en le faisant tourner sur l’abime comme une fr~nde ‘Dernihes chansons . . . , avec une prCface de G. Flaubert (Paris, 1872)’ pp. 139-58. 2 L’Euvre de Victor Hugo, par M. Levaillant (Paris, 1931), p. 156 (Livre 110, ch. VI de Notre-Dame de Paris). 8 Ibid., p...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (2003) 64 (3): 277–298.
Published: 01 September 2003
... representation of Islam. Jameson argues that a shared iden- tity—the “emergent class solidarity” of the chivalric order—threatens the representation of ethical difference in medieval narrative, the “posi- tional notion of good and evil,” that is characteristic of the chanson de geste. As aristocrats...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (2003) 64 (4): 427–444.
Published: 01 December 2003
..., fort enclins pour la plupart à poser des restrictions, qui attribuèrent particulièrement ce nom générique de villanelle à une certaine forme de chanson dont le type a été donné par Jean Passerat” [it was Richelet court, Brace, 1922), 74; Warner Forrest Patterson, “Genres of Verse,” in Three Cen...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1983) 44 (3): 314–317.
Published: 01 September 1983
... Karoli Magni el Rotholandi, and the Chanson de Ro- land. Particularly influencing the development of historia was the concept of the- osis, the belief, developed in full by John Scottus Eriugena, that God could become manifest not only in history but also in the exemplary human (homo eruditus...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1961) 22 (4): 333–344.
Published: 01 December 1961
... who had wings or could love only at night. The poet is like them, he would leave before dawn, “Je suis si laid Then the refrain closes the poem. In “Chanson en si,” a key grammatical construction is repeated. Basically, the poem is an extended conditional sentence, stating all...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1945) 6 (3): 263–269.
Published: 01 September 1945
...Robert A. Hall, Jr. Copyright © 1945 by Duke University Press 1945 GANELON AND ROLAND By ROBERTA. HALL,JR. Students of the Chanson de Roland have usually felt compelled, in order to explain the hostility between Ganelon and Roland-the main...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1956) 17 (2): 167–168.
Published: 01 June 1956
... literature at the Sorbonne “Ronsard et la Musique,” Raymond LeEgue “La chanson anglaise avant l’ecole madrigaliste,” Denis Stevens “L’influence de la musique italienne sur le madrigal anglais,” J. A. Westrup, professor of music, Oxford “Lyrisme et sentiment tragique dans les madrigaux...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1973) 34 (1): 98–100.
Published: 01 March 1973
... to recognize that literature in our sense is of comparatively recent origin in our Western tradition; in fact, it seems to date from the romance of the late twelfth century. In contrast, the heroic epic of the eleventh and twelfth centuries, such as Le Chanson de Roland, in keeping with its aim...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1961) 22 (2): 153–157.
Published: 01 June 1961
... plupart inspir6es plut6t par les chansons du XIIe siccle qu’elles surpassent souvent encore en naivetk et en fraicheur; ses sonnets aussi, et quelques-unes de ses 616gies sont empreintes du vkritable sentiment poktique” (p. xli) . Nerval admires Ronsard, particularly the works which...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1942) 3 (2): 205–219.
Published: 01 June 1942
... premier exemple d’autres mots de ce vocabulaire d’aprtts des sources diverses. ARS, “pli entre I’kpaule et le poitrail du cheval.” M. Flutre cite la Chanson de Jerusalem d’aprk le Dict. Gin. et il accepte la date du 13” siicle; cette chanson, dont l’original n’existe plus, fut renouvelke...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1940) 1 (1): 7–22.
Published: 01 March 1940
..., a &tidkouverte par hasard, pour ainsi dire en passant, par Joseph BCdier, quand, poussC par la nkcessitk de prouver sa thbrie sur la gencse des chansons de geste, il a dii prouver que la Chanson de Roland est un organisme artistique qui trahit la volontk d’un seul grand ete: l’analyse esthetique...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (2004) 65 (2): 221–244.
Published: 01 June 2004
.... And in the Bodleian Library the French antiquarian Fran- cisque Michel, on a field trip sponsored by Guizot, found the manu- script of the Chanson de Roland, which he edited and published in 1836. In Germany, the “C” and “A” manuscripts of the Nibelungenlied were retrieved from the library of Count Hohenems...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1950) 11 (4): 517.
Published: 01 December 1950
... Lisle and Robert Burns. By A. Lytton Sells. Article by a sensitive and informed critic on the sources of Chansons hcossaises and on respective merits of Burns and the Frenchman as poets. Pontigny. By H. F. Stewart. Account, by a participant, of the Entretiens organized by Paul Desjardins...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1948) 9 (4): 492–496.
Published: 01 December 1948
... his long career. Even before Bellecourt’s death he attempted the role, but his first efforts were not especially noteworthy. In 1778, while Bellecourt was still alive, he tried again; and although the Nouveau Spectuteur praised his manner of singing the “Chanson du Roi Henri,” he was said...
Journal Article
Modern Language Quarterly (1943) 4 (2): 139–156.
Published: 01 June 1943
...- gur sees that he has been betrayed. Outraged .in his pride, Sornegur 8 Crapelet’s text, cited above, rests chiefly upon MS Bibl. de l’Arsenall94. The continuation included in some manuscripts was clearly not composed by the same author but belongs to the chansons de geste according...