In this interview, the publisher and author Ruby Hembrom speaks about being invisibilized and erased as an Adivasi, which led her to set up adivaani (“the first voices”), the first Indigenous-run platform for publishing and documenting Adivasi voices in English in India, in 2012. With a focus on both the ideological and practical aspects of running what Hembrom calls a “dependie” initiative, this interview explores adivaani’s—and Hembrom’s—journey in creating an Indigenous archive; the politics of knowledge production, language, and translation; and the platform’s role in landscapes marked by the cultural and material dispossession of Adivasis in India. Hembrom also provides insight into some of her publishing choices, the global platforms and collaborations she and adivaani have been part of, and her visions for Adivasi feminism and solidarities.

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