Dear Sirs and Madams:

We the undersigned Cuban citizens write to you as representatives of the people as provided for by Article 61 of the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba currently in force:

Individual persons have the right to bring complaints and petitions to the authorities, who in turn are obligated to receive these and respond in a timely, pertinent, and just fashion, within the timeframe and according to the procedure established by the law.

We also invoke Article 2 of People’s Power National Assembly (PPNA), which defines itself as the “supreme organ of state power” and thus “represents and expresses the sovereign will of the entire nation and is the only body with constituent and legislative power in the Republic.”

In addition, we address the Permanent Commission on Childhood Affairs, Youth Affairs, and Women’s Equal Rights which, according to Article 29 of the aforementioned Article, has as part...

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