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About the Journal

Archive-only content

During its years of publication, Mediterranean Quarterly accounted for many of the crucial developments in international politics and policy that redefined the world order. The journal delivered global issues with a Mediterranean slant and regional struggles of global impact.

In Mediterranean Quarterly, important voices from around the world wrote with clarity and depth about the effects of history, culture, politics, and economics on the Mediterranean and the world. The journal’s distinguished contributors include leading academics, journalists, diplomats, and political figures.

Past Contributors

Boutros Boutros-Ghali
John Calabrese
Jimmy Carter
Peter H. Liotta
Richard Lugar
Georgi Parvanov
Ron Paul
Shimon Peres
Bernard Reich
Burton M. Sapin
George P. Shultz
Javier Solana
Richard Staar
Andrea Theophanous
Nicholas A. Veliotes

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