This stimulating volume breaks new ground in comparative studies of Canadian and American labor. A work of historical sociology, it pursues themes originally framed by the cultural arguments of political theorists Louis Hartz and Gad Horowitz and pursued most systematically by Seymour Martin Lipset throughout his lengthy and distinguished career as an analyst of Canadian / American differences.

The volume sets out to explain how the Canadian labor movement managed to maintain higher union density than its American counterpart in the years of neoliberal assaults on the working class by a reinvigorated capitalism. Eidlin, now at McGill University, spent some years as an organizer with Teamsters for a Democratic Union and was associated with Labor Notes and Solidarity, which publishes the magazine Against the Current. Insights developed from his political experiences in the US labor movement and his association with Trotskyism add depth to this important study.

In his...

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