I am truly honored by Bryan McCann’s, Eric Arnesen’s, and Nancy Raquel Mirabal’s thoughtful and provocative responses to my book, as well as Leon Fink’s introduction to the forum. I am really thankful for the time they took to read and digest Solidarity, as well as to the Kalmanovitz Initiative, Labor, Leon Fink, and Patrick Dixon for connecting us all.

It was especially gratifying to learn that the editors of the journal felt that Solidarity has something to offer labor historians, in part because the book itself can be read as an exploration into how the relative absence of a powerful labor movement has placed serious limits on US-based left internationalism. “Labor” shapes the story of Solidarity and the promise of internationalism as much by its absence as by its presence.

Writing a history of US-based Latin American solidarity presented numerous challenges, at least two of which were...

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