This study asks why and how a segment of young people have led the emergence of veganism in contemporary South Korea since the mid-2010s, and what this appearance means—especially against the backdrop of the wide interpretation of Korean youth as disillusioned and depoliticized individuals who distrust the possibility of any positive social change. The article argues that the youth-driven Korean veganism has played a role in filling the void of the postdevelopmental, postindustrial, and postliberation era of climate crisis and planetary challenges by working as a broad vision for a good life and meaningful social change. Based on qualitative interviews, textual analysis, and participant observation, the article shows why veganism has worked as a way of alternative survival for vegan youth, how veganism as the source of voice and personal growth has been validated and cultivated by the transnational youth culture, and what has enabled veganism’s solidarity from and coalition with other social movements. The article contributes to diversifying the representation of Korean youth and their agencies beyond the ruins and pessimism of the neoliberalized Korean society.

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