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Published: 01 February 2019
Figure 4. Players must choose whether to encourage or dismiss other characters and whether to act in their own self-interest or in the name of shared survival. © Granzella Inc. More
Published: 01 May 2008
Figure 1. Text reads, “In emergencies, [the kamnan ] must inspect or conscript supplies from villagers as requested by the military.” Illustration in a government booklet on the duties of kamnan (author's translation; Anonymous 1961 , 30). More
Published: 01 May 2008
Figure 6. Text reads, “[The kamnan] must maintain order when there are festivals, shows, or other events in the village.” Illustration in a government booklet on the duties of kamnan (author's translation; Anonymous 1961 , 19). More
Journal Article
Journal of Asian Studies (1957) 16 (2): 213–220.
Published: 01 February 1957
...Douglas S. Paauw Abstract An assault upon the massive problem of economic stagnation fundamentally requires the pursuit of three kinds of basic social and economic changes. First, and perhaps most important, a society must either mobilize domestic savings or attract foreign financing in order...
Journal Article
Far Eastern Quarterly (1947) 6 (3): 283–293.
Published: 01 May 1947
...Muzaffer M. Erselcuk Abstract The future Japanese standard of living will depend largely on that country's industries and their maintenance. In turn, those industries must depend on their mainspring, energy. And finally, since coal, oil, and electricity provide this power and are to a certain...
Journal Article
Journal of Asian Studies (1957) 16 (4): 503–527.
Published: 01 August 1957
..., it discovers meanings and values as well as limitations and weaknesses in the poetry it reads. Each generation must reassess for itself the glory that was Greece or the grandeur of Japan—so that the attempt to describe the formative elements which underlie Japanese poetic expression is more than a single essay...
Journal Article
Journal of Asian Studies (1964) 23 (3): 383–389.
Published: 01 May 1964
... that there must have been a correspondingly large trade with southern regions. It had to be presumed that in connection with such trade, countless records and documents must have been compiled. And yet the official histories of Ryukyu made only passing mention of old contacts with countries in the southern seas...
Journal Article
Far Eastern Quarterly (1956) 15 (2): 239–247.
Published: 01 February 1956
... fiction before the coming of Western influences certainly contains enough of both murder and adultery to give the average reader a sense of literary familiarity; but the thoughtful reader must be puzzled by an undefinable inadequacy, by a feeling of literary promise unfulfilled, to which even the student...
Journal Article
Far Eastern Quarterly (1945) 4 (3): 217–223.
Published: 01 May 1945
... this first interest has largely been focussed on political and economic issues. Now I think it is time that we bring to the fore the concept that in the longer view it is the matter of our cultural contacts with the East that is of most penetrating significance. I am going to show why I think that we must...
Journal Article
Journal of Asian Studies (1983) 42 (4): 791–803.
Published: 01 August 1983
...Pierre Brocheux Abstract James Scott's and Samuel Popkin's theories must undergo the test of historical facts. The author considers three points: the village community; the individuals and the spirit of enterprise; and the peasant protest movements in Vietnam. Having not worked in exactly the same...
Journal Article
Journal of Asian Studies (1979) 39 (1): 11–19.
Published: 01 November 1979
... interpretation of that information can ameliorate conditions leading to conflict, we students of Asia, among others, cannot be proud of our achievements. The common academic response that scholarship must be disinterested and thus must bear little or no relationship to public policy is, to my mind, quite...
Journal Article
Journal of Asian Studies (1982) 41 (3): 485–509.
Published: 01 May 1982
...Toshio Akima Abstract The author reconstructs the religious idea and ritual that lie behind the “Songs of the Dead.” The three songs attributed to Empress Saimei in the Nihonshoki (nos. 119–121) are interpreted as sung by a dead person's spirit sailing to the nether world. They must have been...
Journal Article
Journal of Asian Studies (2014) 73 (4): 941–962.
Published: 01 November 2014
.... Historically, few men or women had doubts about the real struggle involved in making a living from Nature. In a lecture given in 1877, William Morris explained that “the race of man must either labour or perish. Nature does not give us our livelihood gratis; we must win it by toil of some sort or degree” (W...
Journal Article
Journal of Asian Studies (1988) 47 (2): 227–247.
Published: 01 May 1988
... power struggles, ethnic conflicts, and class tensions that may deflect the poor's stakes in and concern for national liberation. To discover the quotidian contours of revolution, we must turn to these sorts of relationships and constraints. To understand the conditions that foster or discourage...
Journal Article
Journal of Asian Studies (1962) 22 (1): 79–88.
Published: 01 November 1962
... and inexperienced when he ascended the throne in or about 322 B.C., he must have been under fifty when his reign terminated twenty-four years later … the twelve years' famine is not incredible. In short, the Jain tradition holds the field, and no alternative exists.” 5 Law N. N. , Aspects of Ancient...
Journal Article
Journal of Asian Studies (1963) 22 (4): 433–449.
Published: 01 August 1963
..., the events in Taiwan seemed to duplicate the Meiji modernization achievement. But one important distinction must be kept in mind. The Meiji bureaucracy, unlike the small group of active bureaucrats in Taiwan's administration, applied their policies of reform and state support to sectors other than...
Journal Article
Journal of Asian Studies (1963) 22 (4): 417–432.
Published: 01 August 1963
... to understand these art forms, we must therefore make a systematic study of their relationship to Zen. The particular species of Zen diat is said to have produced and fostered these arts is the Rinzai Zen developed by Muso at the beginning of the Muromachi Period (1336–1573) when Zen first became a pervasive...
Journal Article
Journal of Asian Studies (1964) 23 (S1): 21–52.
Published: 01 June 1964
... is that the central ideal, salvation, which legitimates all religious action, is itself practically unattainable. This fact must have far-reaching implications for the total religious system. Copyright © Association for Asian Studies, Inc. 1964 1964 References Cited Adikaram E. W. 1953 Early History...
Journal Article
Journal of Asian Studies (2014) 73 (1): 5–8.
Published: 01 February 2014
...Gerald James Larson Abstract By way of framing Manan Ahmed Asif's intriguing personal (and poetic) reflection entitled “Idol in the Archive” in this current issue of the Journal of Asian Studies , it must always be remembered that in August 1947, the old British Raj gave birth to not one but two...
Journal Article
Journal of Asian Studies (1966) 25 (4): 589–605.
Published: 01 August 1966
..., must remain incomplete until documentary evidence, whether archival or (auto)-biographical, can substantially enrich it. Copyright © The Association for Asian Studies, Inc. 1966 1966 1 A new series of official documents is in the process of publication in the Netherlands, providing...