This list is intended as a selective guide to bibliographies which deal exclusively or primarily with Southern Asia.1 A complete list of such bibliographies would be very long indeed; and of course no selection can be guaranteed to contain all or only bibliographies of permanent and general utility. It seems to the compiler likely, however, that a large proportion of the bibliographies which the student of Southern Asia will find most useful are listed here.


Mr. Wilson is Librarian of the Center for South Asia Studies, Institute of International Studies, University of California, Berkeley.


This paper is a revised version of the bibliography prepared for a working paper on “reference needs” presented at the Conference on American Library Resources on Southern Asia, held at the Library of Congress in November 1957. The compiler is indebted to Dr. Horace I. Poleman, Head, Orientalia Division, Library of Congress, for permission to recast the material in that paper in the present form.

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