Richard Wilcox's map of the Upper Brahmaputra in 1828, from R.H. Phillimore, Historical Records of the Survey of India vol. 3, 1815–1830, Dehra Dun: Survey of India, 1954. Used by permission.

This issue of the Journal of Asian Studies contains six research articles, each of which deals, in a broad sense, with representation. The first four do so in a deliberate way through literature and film, while the remaining two address religious identity and the mapping of “the Other,” respectively. All of the works are concerned on some level with encounter—an unsurprising predecessor to representation—addressing problems of translation, colonial power, and identity. In terms of geographic spread, these six pieces focus on three different parts of East Asia and two contrasting regions within South Asia.

The issue opens with a trio of articles on literature. The first, Chitralekha zutshi's “Translating the Past: Rethinking Rajatarangini Narratives in Colonial India,”...

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