Top: The 2010 World Expo Shanghai Construction Site Photo by Gilles Sabrie in the Viking Penguin book Shanghai: A History in Photographs, 1842-Today, by Liu Heung Shing & Karen Smith, available in bookstores soon. Used by permission from the publisher.

Bottom: Shanghai Prep. Photo by Anna Greenspan Used by permission.

The core of this issue, as is typical for the Journal of Asian Studies, is made up of research articles that explore a broad range of topics, from rumors about Ninja attacks in Indonesia to musical trends in Japan, and from the politics of art patronage to shifting marriage patterns in India. These are written by academics in a variety of fields, including history, anthropology, and political science. And they focus on disparate locations, including South Asia and northeast China. In addition, the issue ends with an array of book reviews. It begins, however, with a series...

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