The Journal's November 1998 issue (57.4:1223) incorrectly identified Paul H. Kratoska's book as Malaya and Singapore During the Chinese Occupation. It should have been cited as Malaya and Singapore During the Japanese Occupation.

Due to a production error in the Journal's February 1999 issue (58.1:78–80), the glossary in Joanna F. Handlin Smith's article on “Liberating Animals in Ming-Qing China” lost its original alphabetical order. Thus, Guangci bian is positioned after Chen Di on p. 78; renxing follows “Guang fangsheng hui yin” midway down the first column of p. 79; “Jiesha fangsheng he lun bing wu jue” begins the right hand column on p. 79 and follows Shunzhi at the bottom of the left hand column of that same page; Song Jingwen starts out the first column on p. 80 and follows yinde, the last entry on p. 79, which should have preceded yinguo, the first entry on the right hand column of p. 80.

The Journal's February 1999 issue (58.1:269) carried an error. Gregory A. Olsen's book Mansfield and Vietnam: A Study in Rhetorical Adaptation was published by Michigan State University Press not the University of Michigan Press.

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