The night of the fifth had been decided on for another large-scale attempt to climb the wall. On account of the previous attempt at scaling the wall, the ladders of the peasant families in the vicinity of Nan-hu had already been requisitioned to the point where none was left; and an even greater number would be required for this attempt. Moreover, from our experience on the previous occasion, when because of going late we had incurred defeat, this time it was imperative that we commence operations sooner. Consequently, as early as the afternoon of the fourth we sent men to the vicinity of Hsien-ning to requisition ladders. Management of this business was as before in the hands of the General Political Department. Already on the morning of the fifth ladders were streaming in and being heaped up in the south drill ground, and again everyone gave himself over to tying them together. The tied ones were then carried outside the college gate and piled up.

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