A Soviet History of Pakistan. BY Yuri V. Gankovskiy and L. R. Gordon-Polonskaya. First published as Istoriya Pakistana, Moscow: State Publishing House for Eastern Literature, 1961; translated by Joint Publications Research Service, Department of Commerce, Washington, as JPRS 36, 250, June 1966. 400 pp. Bibliography. $7.25.

The publisher of the above wishes to correct the impression of the reviewer (JAS, Vol. XXVI, No. 2: February 1967, pp. 312–14) that this is a “machine-translated edition.” In fact, the translation was done by one of the many contract translators of the Joint Publications Research Service.

The publishers have also notified us of a new pricing system whereby single copies of any JPRS report, including this one, are now available at a unit price of $3.00 per copy.

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