China is known for a long and outstanding tradition of historical writing, but it has been only in this century that an examination of history has developed in periodicals. The earliest of these periodicals was Hsin-min Ts'ung-pao, which was published in 1902 in Yokohama, under the chief editorship of Liang Ch'i-ch'ao. Since that time, there have been numerous other periodicals, the most recent being Wen Shih, first published in October 1962, in Peking. Little effort seems to have been made to study the development of these historical journals. There have been many discussions of Chinese historiography, by Ku Chieh-kang, Chin Yü-fu, Wei Ying-ch'i, Teng Ssu-yü, and J. Gray, to name a few, but these scholars have largely overlooked periodical writings.

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