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Current Issue
Volume 83,
Issue 1,
February 1, 2024

About the Journal

The Journal of Asian Studies, the flagship journal of the Association for Asian Studies, is the most authoritative and prestigious publication in the field of Asian studies. The journal publishes the very best empirical and multidisciplinary work on Asia, spanning the arts, history, literature, the social sciences, and cultural studies. Experts around the world turn to the journal for the latest in-depth scholarship on Asia’s past and present, for its extensive book reviews, and for its state-of-the-field essays on established and emerging topics. With coverage reaching from South and Southeast Asia to China, Inner Asia, and Northeast Asia, the Journal of Asian Studies welcomes broad comparative and transnational studies as well as essays emanating from fine-grained historical, cultural, political, and literary research and interpretation

Publishers: Information about sending books for review in JAS is listed in the submission guidelines.


Joseph S. Alter

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