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Valentine Moghadam is with UNESCO in Paris, working as chief of the section on gender equality and development, in the social and human sciences sector. Dr. Moghadam is the author of three books and many articles on the Middle East.

Fatima Sadiqi holds a PhD in theoretical lingusitics and is currently a senior professor of linguistics and gender studies at the University of Fes, Morocco. She has written extensively on Moroccan languages and women/gender issues in Morocco, including Grammaire du Berbère (1997) and Women, Gender and Language in Morocco (2003). Fatima Sadiqi has held Fulbright Visiting Scholars at four US universities and has been serving as President Founder of the Centre for Studies and Research on Women, as Director Founder of the first graduate unit “Gender Studies,” and as National Coordinator of SafetyNET. She has organized six international conferences and served on a wide variety of national and international committees.

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