This paper presents the preliminary results of a study that focuses on a micro aspect of Lebanese migration, i.e. the emigration of the head of the household and its impact on decision-making and well-being within the family, essentially on the wife left behind. For that purpose, a sample of 107 households was selected from a national survey covering 18,243 households conducted by Saint Joseph University in Beirut. After drawing the profiles of the households surveyed, this study uses four independent variables—the husband’s income, the length of the husband’s absence, the husband’s level of education, and the wife’s level of education—to assess the changes that have taken place. Despite the fact that the analysis of the data based on the selected sample can shed some light on the issues raised, this survey should be seen as an exploratory one that requires in-depth follow-up if sound correlations, conclusions, and recommendations are to be formulated.

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