The KAMER Foundation, also known as the Woman’s Center, is an organization where all women can find a space. KAMER was established in 1997 in Diyarbakir, Turkey, as a limited company with two partners and was reestablished in February 2005 as a foundation.

Our mission today is to fight discrimination, violence, and structural hierarchy. We work for a participative community based on sharing and solidarity between independent individuals. To reach this aim, KAMER focuses on identifying the practices of a sexist system that harms women and children, developing alternatives to those practices, and enabling their implementation. KAMER believes that participative democracy is possible when gender equality is sustained.

The main office of KAMER is in Diyarbakir. There are twenty-three provinces in the eastern and southeastern regions of Anatolia, where the Kurdish population is the majority. KAMER is organized in all twenty-three provinces. Besides these regional organizations, the foundation sponsors sharing...

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