“New Books across the Disciplines” is a bibliographic resource that facilitates a cross-disciplinary survey of recent publications. Its scope ranges from late antiquity to the seventeenth century. Coverage is comprehensive for the large majority of North American and British publishers. Other European titles are included whenever received. Books are classified under variable topical headings and listed alphabetically by author's name. Entries include complete bibliographical data and annotations. Unless designated for paperback editions, prices given are for cloth editions. For paperback reprint editions, original publication dates are given in parentheses. With few exceptions, books appearing here have been published within the previous two years. Many will be presented here before they are ordered and shelved by libraries. Thanks go to David Aers and Sarah Beckwith for their collegial editorial contribution.

The topics for this issue include:

  1. Editions and translations

  2. Biographical studies

  3. Virtue and ethics

  4. Church, reform, and devotion

  5. Pedagogy and learning...

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