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Journal Article
J Health Polit Policy Law (1999) 24 (2): 215–238.
Published: 01 April 1999
...Steven J. Balla This article examines the impact of population demographics, health market characteristics, and government purchasing and regulation on the development of the HMO industry in the 1990s. I focus on two facets of development—HMO market share and the number of HMOs in operation...
Journal Article
J Health Polit Policy Law (2002) 27 (3): 353–378.
Published: 01 June 2002
...James D. Reschovsky; J. Lee Hargraves; Albert F. Smith Surveys that rate how persons enrolled in HMOs and other types of health coverage feel about their health care are used to bolster claims that HMOs provide inferior quality care, providing justification for patient protection legislation...
Journal Article
J Health Polit Policy Law (1989) 14 (3): 565–585.
Published: 01 June 1989
...Shoshanna Sofaer; Erin Kenney To reduce Medicare costs, Medicare beneficiaries are being encouraged to enroll in “risk contract” HMOs. This paper explores the financial consequences to the elderly of joining a Medicare risk HMO. Using a new method for estimating consumer financial vulnerability...
Journal Article
J Health Polit Policy Law (1984) 9 (1): 41–62.
Published: 01 February 1984
...James Bautz Bonanno; Terrie Wetle Although there has been increased interest in use of the health maintenance organization (HMO) model to resolve a variety of problems relating to provision of health care to older individuals, less than 2 percent of Medicare beneficiaries are currently enrolled...
Journal Article
J Health Polit Policy Law (1979) 3 (4): 597–600.
Published: 01 August 1979
...Joseph L. Falkson Copyright © 1979 by the Dept. of Health Administration, Duke University 1979 Washington Report The National HMO Development Strategy Joseph L. Falkson I recently participated in an interesting policy analysis project which I'd like to share...
Journal Article
J Health Polit Policy Law (1984) 8 (4): 743–758.
Published: 01 August 1984
...W. P. Welch This paper investigates the influence of market forces and state regulations on enrollment in prepaid group practices (PGPs)—the dominant form of HMO. Using data at the metropolitan-area level, the paper estimates a lagged-adjustment model in two stages. The first stage estimates...
Journal Article
J Health Polit Policy Law (1987) 12 (3): 551–567.
Published: 01 June 1987
...Joseph L. Scarpaci Since 1973 the Chilean junta has privatized sectors of the national economy. This paper analyzes the country's policy process of promoting private medical programs through HMO-like plans (ISAPREs, or Institutes of Provisional Health). These plans have captured less than half...
Journal Article
J Health Polit Policy Law (2002) 27 (6): 927–946.
Published: 01 December 2002
... (the period during which many of these laws were enacted), this study investigates the effect that these laws have on HMO financial performance. Our results show that“all-provider” AWP laws have a very limited effect on the financial performance measures we examine. “Pharmacy” AWP laws have a more significant...
Journal Article
J Health Polit Policy Law (1996) 21 (2): 380–385.
Published: 01 April 1996
...John Capitman Harold S. Luft, ed. HMOs and the Elderly . Ann Arbor, MI: Health Administration Press, 1994. 348 pp. $38.00 paper. Copyright © 1996 by Duke University Press 1996 380 Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law this essentially distributional struggle can or should...
Journal Article
J Health Polit Policy Law (1992) 17 (1): 71–96.
Published: 01 February 1992
...Joan L. Buchanan; Phoebe A. Lindsey; Arleen Leibowitz; Allyson Ross Davies During the 1980s both the federal government and the private sector articulated policies to encourage the development and participation of health maintenance organizations (HMOs) in the Medicaid program. However...
Journal Article
J Health Polit Policy Law (1999) 24 (5): 1230–1237.
Published: 01 October 1999
...Jacob S. Hacker Richard Kronick and Joy de Beyer. Medicare HMOs: Making Them Work for the Chronically Ill . Chicago: Health Administration Press, 1999. 249 pp. $40.00 paper. Copyright © 1999 by Duke University Press 1999 References Congressional Budget Office (CBO). 1998...
Journal Article
J Health Polit Policy Law (2001) 26 (3): 543–556.
Published: 01 June 2001
...Kenneth E. Thorpe; Eric E. Seiber; Curtis S. Florence Managed care in general and HMOs in particular have become the vehicle of choice for controlling health care spending in the private sector. By several accounts, managed care has achieved its cost-containment objectives. At the same time...
Journal Article
J Health Polit Policy Law (1980) 5 (2): 354–367.
Published: 01 April 1980
...Jon B. Christianson This paper reviews the evidence concerning the impact of HMO growth on traditional providers. Primary emphasis is placed on the results of three case studies conducted by the author. Based on the case studies, five factors are hypothesized to be important in determining...
Journal Article
J Health Polit Policy Law (1982) 7 (3): 686–706.
Published: 01 June 1982
... conditions. HMOs would prosper; (3) that HMO successes would force FFS insurers and providers to become more efficient; and (4) that creating the competitive conditions would be politically feasible. Reasons for doubting the latter three propositions are plentiful, and the strategy is therefore judged...
Journal Article
J Health Polit Policy Law (1984) 8 (4): 801–804.
Published: 01 August 1984
...Diana Chapman Walsh Lawrence D. Brown. Politics and Health Care Organization: HMOs as Federal Policy (Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution, 1983). 540 pp. $33.95 hardcover, $16.95, paperback Copyright © 1984 by the Dept. of Health Administration, Duke University 1984 Books...
Journal Article
J Health Polit Policy Law (1977) 2 (2): 288–292.
Published: 01 April 1977
...Joseph L. Falkson Copyright © 1977 by the Department of Health Administration, Duke University Press 1977 Washington Report The Rediscovery of HMOs Joseph L. Falkson The Carter Administration has rediscovered HMOs. Seven years after the Nixon...
Published: 01 June 2016
Figure 5 The Changing Organizational Structure of HMOs, 1980–87 Source : Gruber, Shadle, and Polich 1988 : 202 More
Journal Article
J Health Polit Policy Law (1984) 9 (1): 103–124.
Published: 01 February 1984
...William P. Brandon; Emma K. Lee The regulation of HMOs by health planning agencies serves as a “tracer” to aid in evaluating HSAs, and as a source of empirical evidence for the heretofore largely theoretical health policy debate between market reformers and regulators. Two complementary studies...
Journal Article
J Health Polit Policy Law (1986) 10 (4): 659–674.
Published: 01 August 1986
...Allan N. Johnson; David Aquilina The Healthcare Educational and Research Foundation (HERF) in Minneapolis undertook a two-year research project to study the effects of health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and competition on the hospital industry in Minneapolis/St. Paul. This article summarizes...
Journal Article
J Health Polit Policy Law (1986) 10 (4): 675–697.
Published: 01 August 1986
...Roger Feldman; Bryan Dowd; Don McCann; Allan Johnson In this study we explore whether HMO-induced competition has contained expenditures in Minneapolis/St. Paul hospitals. Specifically, we assessed the impact of HMOs on revenue, cost, and net income per admission in Twin Cities hospitals from 1979...