In the twenty-first century, Du Fu studies in mainland China have achieved fruitful accomplishments. Progress has been made in various aspects, including bibliographical studies, biographical studies (including Du Fu's social networks and his travels and deeds), research of poetic genres, Du Fu's poetic art, his thought, interpretation, and criticism of his poetry, and studies of his influence and reception.

The twenty-first century has witnessed great achievements in editing Du Fu's collections. New collated and annotated editions of Du Fu's complete works have been published, reflecting comprehensive achievements in contemporary Du Fu studies. Primary materials of Du Fu's collection from the past have also been further studied. Innovation has been achieved in exploration of editing formats, synthesis of primary sources, and evidential studies of primary sources.

Two new collated and annotated editions of Du Fu's complete work, Du Fu quanji jiaozhu 杜甫全集校注 (The...

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