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Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2020) 52 (S1): 31–58.
Published: 01 December 2020
...Amy Sue Bix Standard histories of economic thought portray Paul Samuelson’s 1948 Economics textbook as the first serious attempt at teaching economics to young engineers. In reality, many other professors, both in economics and engineering, had extensively addressed that issue before World War II...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (1973) 5 (2): 339–358.
Published: 01 June 1973
...Ephraim Kleiman Copyright © 1973 by Duke University Press 1973 An Early Modern Hebrew Textbook of Economics Ephraim Kleiman THEeconomic theory popularized in eastern European Jewish com- munities at the beginning...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (1975) 7 (2): 227–251.
Published: 01 June 1975
...Daniel Horowitz Copyright © 1975 by Duke University Press 1975 [HOPE Vol. 7 (1975) No. 21 Textbook models of American economic growth, 1837-191 1 Da nie 1 Horo wit z I During the last twenty years...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2003) 35 (1): 105–134.
Published: 01 March 2003
... (supplement): 12 -30. Bartlett, R. M., and D. J. Weidenaar. 1988 . An Introduction to the Proceedings of the Invitational Conference on the Principles of Economics Textbook. Journal of Economic Education 19 (spring): 109 -12. “Big Questions.” 1973 . The Economist , 20 October, 147 -48. Blaug...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2014) 46 (suppl_1): 134–152.
Published: 01 December 2014
...Yann Giraud Previous contributions to the history of economics have tried to assess Paul Samuelson’s political positioning by tracing it in the subsequent editions of his famous textbook Economics . By contrast, this article depicts the making of Economics itself as a political process. It argues...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (1995) 27 (Supplement): 183–216.
Published: 01 December 1995
...Kerry A. Pearce; Kevin D. Hoover After the Revolution: Paul Samuelson and the Textbook Keynesian Model Kerry A. Pearce and Kevin D. Hoover The Keynesian Revolution and Normal Science Thomas Kuhn’s (1962) famous description of the development of science as radical revolutions...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2015) 47 (2): 207–240.
Published: 01 June 2015
...James Forder I consider the representation of theory concerning the relationship between inflation and unemployment, as presented in a sample of economics textbooks from the 1940s to the 1980s. It is argued that they contain nothing to contradict the impression from Forder, Macroeconomics...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2005) 37 (2): 191–196.
Published: 01 June 2005
.... Myrdal, G. 1958 . Value in Social Theory . London: Routledge. Robbins, L. [1932] 1935 . An Essay on the Nature and Significance of Economic Science . 2nd ed. London:Macmillan. Sen, A. 1987 . On Ethics and Economics . Oxford: Blackwell. Robbins, Textbooks, and the Extreme Value...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2018) 50 (3): 579–585.
Published: 01 September 2018
...Yann Giraud There are two main approaches to the use of textbooks in the history of recent economics. One approach consists in seeing textbooks as repositories of past knowledge and in using them as shortcuts to retrace changes in the discipline. Another perspective, favored by science studies...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2021) 53 (2): 213–241.
Published: 01 April 2021
... was required for their creators to ensure their explanatory power. Kenneth Boulding s Visual Imagination: From Textbooks to Scholarship, 1941 62 Philippe Fontaine As American economics was entering a new age, a remarkable book appeared that investigated the use of visual materials as teaching devices...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2014) 46 (suppl_1): 153–174.
Published: 01 December 2014
...Pedro Teixeira In recent years there has been a growing interest in history of science in the study of textbooks and their multiple roles for the contemporary history of science. In this text we look at MIT economics by exploring the role of textbooks in consolidation of the department’s position...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2013) 45 (4): 567–612.
Published: 01 November 2013
...Loïc Charles; Yann Giraud The rise of visual representation in textbooks is an important feature of the development of the economics discipline after World War II. We argue that it was preceded by a no less significant rise of visual representation in the larger literature devoted to social...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2019) 51 (S1): 75–99.
Published: 01 December 2019
... economy of socialism. The discursive structure underlying the debates can be traced back to the writing of the first Soviet textbook on political economy, personally supervised by Joseph Stalin. Our purpose is to assess the impact of this textbook on subsequent discussions of the role of commodity...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2017) 49 (1): 59–92.
Published: 01 March 2017
...Maxime Desmarais-Tremblay This paper provides a narrative of the emergence of the standard textbook definition of public goods. It focuses on Richard A. Musgrave's contribution in defining public goods as nonrival and nonexcludable—from 1937 to 1973. Although Samuelson's mathematical definition...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2011) 43 (3): 537–551.
Published: 01 September 2011
...Gerhard Michael Ambrosi In the pure theory of foreign trade, offer curves are still a well-known textbook device for analyzing conflicting interests between countries engaged in foreign trade. In his early days Alfred Marshall suggested that this analytical device be used also for industrial...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2020) 52 (5): 863–894.
Published: 01 October 2020
...Matheus Assaf; Pedro Garcia Duarte The present-day standard textbook narrative on the history of growth theory usually takes Robert Solow’s 1956 contribution as a key starting point, which was extended by David Cass and Tjalling Koopmans in 1965 by introducing an intertemporal maximization problem...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2018) 50 (S1): 97–113.
Published: 01 December 2018
... in development economics at the London School of Economics. In addition, Bauer coauthored the first British textbook in development economics, The Economics of Under-developed Countries (1957), with Basil Yamey. This early history of development economics in Britain has therefore a very different provenance from...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy 1–35.
Published: 10 November 2021
...” literature. This article discusses how that assessment fits in Samuelson’s published writings on economic development, throughout several editions of his textbook Economics , and in papers he wrote before and after that assessment. Increasing returns posed a main analytical hurdle, together with the elusive...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2008) 40 (4): 671–688.
Published: 01 November 2008
... in Warming's textbooks on the Danish society published in 1929 and 1938. The paper draws attention to Warming's efforts to make his contemporaries take an interest in his publications. New findings in the archives indicate that Warming attempted to make Scandinavian marine biologists aware of his views...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2014) 46 (suppl_1): 198–228.
Published: 01 December 2014
... from Robert Solow’s seminal neoclassical growth model of 1956 through the stabilization of growth theory in the first graduate textbooks. In the Kingdom of Solovia: The Rise of Growth Economics at MIT, 1956–70 Mauro Boianovsky and Kevin D. Hoover 1. Growthmanship In the early 1960s...