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Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2002) 34 (Suppl_1): 190–207.
Published: 01 December 2002
... Journals. Journal of Economic Perspectives 15.3 : 183 -98. Heaven Can Wait: Gatekeeping in an Age of Uncertainty, Innovation, and Commercialization Steven G. Medema, José Luís Cardoso, and John Lodewijks The position of journal editor provides a unique vantage point from which to view the...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2008) 40 (4): 716–717.
Published: 01 November 2008
..., Università di Torino 10.1215/00182702-2008-035 716 Book Reviews Prophet of Innovation: Joseph Schumpeter and Creative Destruction. By Thomas K. McCraw. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2007. xii; 719 pp. $35.00. This new biography of Joseph...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2000) 32 (Suppl_1): 325–360.
Published: 01 December 2000
.... 1926 . Kritischer Beitrag zur Theorie des internationalen Handels . Jena: G. Fisher. Eclecticism, Inconsistency, and Innovation in the History of Geographical Economics Stephen J. Meardon An applied field may be pulled by empirical observation toward one set of questions, yet pushed by...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (1975) 7 (4): 456–481.
Published: 01 November 1975
... financial support. [HOPE Vol. 7 (1975) No. 41 Nathan Rosenberg The purpose of this article is to undertake a critical examination of the ways in which economics has conceptualized the process of technological innovation. The issues involved are...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (1996) 28 (1): 107–126.
Published: 01 March 1996
...John F. Berdell Innovation and Trade: David Hume and the Case for Freer Trade John F. Berdell Economics and the Science of Man David Hume (b. 171 1; d. 1776) occupies a curious place in the eco- nomics literature. His most distinctive contribution surely...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2018) 50 (1): 119–154.
Published: 01 March 2018
...Matthieu Ballandonne The linear model of innovation, which assumes a unidirectional and non-simultaneous relationship between the two realms of science and technology, is still a debated framework. The aims of this article are to show—in contrast with the received view—that economists of science in...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2021) 53 (3): 461–478.
Published: 01 June 2021
... industrialization in order to promote economic development: (1) manufacturing had a highly differentiated division of labor; (2) manufacturing was an innovation- intensive activity; (3) manufacturing was a science-based activity; and (4) manufacturing cultivated people’s psychological qualities which were required...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2010) 42 (2): 395–397.
Published: 01 June 2010
.... Neil T. Skaggs, Illinois State University 10.1215/00182702-2010-013 Debt, Innovations, and Defl ation: The Theories of Veblen, Fisher, Schumpeter, and Minsky. By J. Patrick Raines and Charles G. Leathers. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2008. 191 pp...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (1975) 7 (4): 434–455.
Published: 01 November 1975
... Foundation. [HOPE Vol. 7 (1975) No. 41 Innovations and their recognition in social science Joseph Ben-David I The difference between the social and the natural sciences has often been discussed in philosophical...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2002) 34 (1): 219–223.
Published: 01 March 2002
.... Japan and the World Economy 1 : 3 -19. Tugan-Baranovsky, M. 1905 . Teoreticheskie osnovy maraksizma . Leipzig: Duncker & Humblot. Reply: Complementary Innovations by Roy Harrod and Alvin Hansen Paul A. Samuelson When the editor of HOPE asked my opinion about the merits for publi...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (1993) 25 (3): 515–527.
Published: 01 September 1993
.... Gustav Cassel’s Scientific Innovations: Claims and Realities Paul A. Samuelson 1. Contamination of the Record H. L. Mencken, as a prank, published the notion that it was President Martin Van Buren who first introduced a bathtub into the White House. Despite determined denials and...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2009) 41 (3): 545–574.
Published: 01 September 2009
...) presents an innovative and consistent anti-Bullionist position. His views differ from those of the Bank of England and other anti-Bullionists; unlike them, he rejected the Real Bills Doctrine and Smith's monetary thinking in general as it applied to both convertible and inconvertible monetary arrangements...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2009) 41 (2): 271–295.
Published: 01 June 2009
... competition and called for legislative intervention, Dunoyer drew the conclusion that such economies were naturally subject to alternating periods of “activity” and “relapse.” Using the innovative idea of the cycle, Dunoyer incorporated Sismondi's theory into the Sayardian conception of political economy in...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2011) 43 (suppl_1): 166–187.
Published: 01 December 2011
...Robert W. Dimand Best known as a Keynesian macroeconomist and monetary theorist, James Tobin was also actively engaged in empirical economics from his doctoral dissertation onward. His innovative combination of time-series data with household budget surveys in his 1947 dissertation and 1950 food...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2009) 41 (1): 143–162.
Published: 01 March 2009
...Alberto Baccini Probability theory has a central role in Edgeworth's thought; this article examines the philosophical foundation of the theory. Starting from a frequentist position, Edgeworth introduced some innovations to the definition of primitive probabilities. He distinguished between...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2019) 51 (S1): 30–51.
Published: 01 December 2019
..., this article argues, is a sine qua non of any reliable history of economics in the communist era. Pioneering projects, publications presenting innovative new approaches, individual careers yielding significant works of domestic and international acclaim were as much dependent on the support and...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2019) 51 (S1): 180–203.
Published: 01 December 2019
... optimal planning. This innovative approach, very different from the styles of reasoning in mathematical economics of his time, was grounded in his work on pattern recognition and informed by a cybernetic vision of control as information processing and communication in complex systems. Copyright © 2019...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2020) 52 (3): 455–472.
Published: 01 June 2020
... approaches to national accounting. Providing a close reading of Indian scholar K. T. Shah’s intervention in debates about how to measure the national economy of the 1920s, this article seeks to shed new light on innovative debates within Indian economics in this period. In so doing, it also seeks to draw...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2016) 48 (3): 423–447.
Published: 01 September 2016
...Roger E. Backhouse; Harro Maas This article traces the attempts of W. Rupert Maclaurin to improve the research profile of economics at MIT through establishing a research project on the economics of innovation, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. The project is important because it marks a...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2018) 50 (S1): 76–93.
Published: 01 December 2018
... Western powers should support his proposal that anticipated—and may even have influenced to some extent—US rationales for the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development twenty years later. Sun’s innovative ideas about international development emerged from a combination of three features of his...