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Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2019) 51 (1): 71.
Published: 01 February 2019
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (1984) 16 (4): 619–638.
Published: 01 November 1984
... CCC 0018-2702/84/$1.50 John Millar, the four-stages theory, and women’s position in society Paul Bowles I The four-stages theory, that is, the idea of society progressing through four stages based successively on the hunting, pastoral, agricultural...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (1978) 10 (1): 151–189.
Published: 01 March 1978
...Jacob Viner Chapter Four The Weber Thesis In two essays published in 1905 Max Weber presented an interpreta- tion of the historical relations of Protestantism and capitalism which has dictated the setting in which practically all the discussion of this topic has...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (1981) 13 (2): 189–255.
Published: 01 June 1981
...Bertil Ohlin Hi5tor-y of Politiccrl Economy 13.2 c 1981 by Duke University Press Stockholm and Cambridge: four papers on the monetary and employment theory of the 1930s By the late Bertil Ohlin...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (1978) 10 (4): 597–607.
Published: 01 November 1978
...Enzo Pesciarelli Copyright © 1978 by Duke University Press 1978 History of Political Economy 10:4 0 1978 by Duke University Press The Italian contribution to the four-stages theory Enzo Pesc iare Hi...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (1990) 22 (1): 137–144.
Published: 01 March 1990
... CCC 00 18-2702/90/$1.50 Adam Smith’s four invisible hands Syed Ahmad Arguably, Adam Smith is best known to economists, and even more so to the noneconomists who know of him, through his “celebrated” (Hol- lander 1973) “invisible hand.” This is an amazing success for a catchy...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (1971) 3 (1): 9–27.
Published: 01 March 1971
...Ronald L. Meek Copyright © 1971 by Duke University Press 1971 Smith, Turgot, and the “Four Stages” Theory Ronald L. Meek I INTHE good old days, when I was a fierce young Marxist instead of a benign...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2017) 49 (2): 347–381.
Published: 01 June 2017
... of a Paper In 2006, Kim, Morse, and Zingales reported that “Theory of the Firm” was the third most cited article in the entire discipline of economics since 1970 (Kim et al. 2006). Four other articles by Michael Jensen made the top 150 most influential economics papers list. The pattern of citation...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2017) 49 (2): 165–176.
Published: 01 June 2017
... future research. Because of this, after the conference we invited the present- ers to respond in a conversational tone to four questions—essentially the same four questions that motivated our call for papers. Introduction to the Symposium / Van Horn and Nik-Khah 169 While space...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2019) 51 (2): 193–236.
Published: 01 April 2019
...Jeff Lipkes Raised as an Orthodox Jew, Milton Friedman wrote almost nothing about Jews and Judaism, with the exception of a paper entitled “Capitalism and the Jews,” delivered three times and printed four times. To help explain the paradox that although Jews have benefited hugely from capitalism...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2016) 48 (suppl_1): 198–225.
Published: 01 December 2016
... and psychologists at the LSL conducted game simulations structured by four separate laboratory problems. Economists went from using simulation to demonstrate the superiority of optimal policies derived from deductive economics to using the experiment as an inductive tool. One concern in this historical case study...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2011) 43 (4): 743–763.
Published: 01 November 2011
... inextricably linked to it. This inexplicable omission has led to an incomplete understanding of the logical construction of Ricardo's numerical example, as well as to the misinterpretation of the four numbers as unitary labor costs. With an accurate understanding of Ricardo's numerical example and the logical...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2010) 42 (1): 111–154.
Published: 01 March 2010
... statisticians and econometricians. This essay complements the usual history of econometrics with an account of these transactions from the statisticians' side. I concentrate on four statisticians and their interactions with econometricians: Karl Pearson, whose influence was exercised in the years before...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2010) 42 (4): 653–677.
Published: 01 November 2010
.... This article examines four women—Emilie du Châtelet, Sophie de Grouchy, Clémence Royer, and Harriet Martineau—who translated political economy between English and French from the mid-eighteenth to the mid-nineteenth centuries, and it argues that these translators saw their work as an opportunity...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2021) 53 (3): 461–478.
Published: 01 June 2021
...Xuan Zhao This article uncovers the theory of industrialization of the eighteenth-century German Cameralist Johann Heinrich Gottlob von Justi, who was the most important figure in German Cameralism. This topic is highly underexamined. This article finds that Justi proposed four reasons...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy 37–73.
Published: 10 November 2021
... rules governing open-outcry double auctions, converged endogenously, in three to four periods of repeat interaction, to an efficient outcome. These observations contradicted the widely believed, thought, and taught necessity for perfect information, large numbers, and price-taking behavior. However...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2016) 48 (1): 65–110.
Published: 01 March 2016
... of this other correspondence and the names of the correspondents are listed—seventy-six have so far been identified, with a further four unnamed—together with the known locations of the originals and known published versions. The article includes a commentary on a selection of themes from the correspondence...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2010) 42 (Suppl_1): 291–314.
Published: 01 December 2010
...Daniel Geary This article offers a case study of how social scientific disciplines differentiate themselves from one another, focusing on the relationship of economics to sociology. It presents four categories to describe common ways that economists and sociologists understood the relationship...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2009) 41 (Suppl_1): 182–199.
Published: 01 December 2009
... growth models because of his emphasis on portfolio substitution between money and capital as a possible source of the non-neutrality of money even in the long run. This paper examines Tobin's contributions to growth theory over more than four decades and the relationship of his work to the evolution...
Journal Article
History of Political Economy (2008) 40 (1): 43–71.
Published: 01 March 2008
... Kant or Bentham, but virtue ethics has recently come back. From the Seven Primary Virtues, Smith chose five to admire especially. He chose all four of the pagan and stoic virtues of courage, temperance, justice, and prudence. To these he added, as virtue number five, a part of the Christian virtue...