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Editorial Office:
Department of Economics
Duke University
Box 90097
Durham, NC 27708-0097
919-681-7869 (fax)

Kevin D. Hoover, Duke University

Associate Editors:
Neil De Marchi, Duke University
E. Roy Weintraub, Duke University

Book Review Editor:
D. E. Moggridge

Managing Editor:
Claude Misukiewicz

Advisory Board:
Jeff Biddle
Mauro Boianovsky
Marcel Boumans
Robert W. Dimand
Pedro Duarte
Paul Erickson
Philippe Fontaine
Marion Fourcade
Harald Hagemann
D. Wade Hands
Hansjörg Klausinger
Alain Marciano
Steven G. Medema
Leonidas Montes
Mary Morgan
Maria Pia Paganelli
Sandra J. Peart
Margaret Schabas
Nicholas J. Theocarakis
Christine Théré
Jeffrey Young

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