The book review section of the Hispanic American Historical Review has been a hallmark of this, the flagship journal for Latin American history, since its founding. HAHR editors know that many of our readers turn first to the book review section in each new quarterly issue, whether they read it online or in print. Furthermore, the HAHR editorial team is keenly aware that book reviewing is an art, one that requires increasing dexterity in reading both critically and sympathetically across geographic regions, time periods, and methodologies within our growing field of Ibero-American and Caribbean history. The exercise of writing book reviews is both a duty and a pleasure, one that builds bridges among our colleagues within the profession.

For these reasons, the HAHR editorial team is pleased to announce the establishment of an annual prize for the best review published in the journal. The editors will name an ad hoc committee to evaluate the reviews published in the immediately past volume of the journal and select the winner, based on the criteria of

  1. accurately summarizing the book's contents and main arguments with a fair assessment of the book's strengths and weaknesses;

  2. innovative recommendations within a broad historiographical contextualization;

  3. clarity and elegance of the reviewer's writing style.

The HAHR is published quarterly during each calendar year, beginning in February. Thus, the book review prize to be announced in the May 2016 issue will be selected from the book reviews published in Volume 94, corresponding to 2014.