This work is a considerably rewritten, enlarged, and updated version of the first edition prepared by Charles Kolinski in 1973. Andrew Nickson has added 403 pages to the 282 of Kolinski’s edition while eliminating a considerable number of Kolinski’s entries, if comparison of the first pages of the two editions is a reliable indicator. Indian chiefs and colonial-period terms seem to have been major casualties. Nickson has put considerably more emphasis on the economy, public policy, and bibliography. Kolinski’s 4½-page selected bibliography has swelled by 43 pages and has been divided into various sections, such as “General Bibliographies, Historiographies, and Research Materials”; “Biographies and Memoirs”; “History”; “The Environment”; “Sport, Recreation, and Art,” for a total of 21 major divisions and numerous subdivisions.

The dictionary covers a wide range of topics, from government and institutional acronyms to leading political, cultural, military, and business figures; from diplomatic agreements and treaties and famous military units to major economic enterprises, journals, and magazines. The entries run from “Abdo Benítez, Mario,” a leading politician in the Stroessner regime, to “Zuccolollo, Antonio,” a prominent business figure and ambassador in the same administration.

The foreword to the second edition erroneously places Kolinski at “Florida International University, Boca Raton” in his second career rather than at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, where he taught until his death in July 1978. Except for that minor lapse on the general editor’s part, this work is an invaluable new tool for Latin Americanists in general and specialists in the Río de la Plata Basin in particular. Nickson’s greatly enhanced revision belongs on the shelves even of those libraries and individuals who possess the first edition by Kolinski, because the second edition represents such an improvement over its predecessor.