This useful guide to nineteenth-century newspapers, catalogued in the Biblioteca Central of the Universidad de Antioquia, serves equally well for the major holdings of the Biblioteca Nacional or the Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango in Bogotá. The volume is arranged in three parts. The first addresses the utility of using the press as a source of sociohistorical information and the particular problems and rewards facing researchers in newspapers from nineteenth-century Colombia. The second part describes the structure of the index. The final part is the index itself, which is a model for others of this type. Arranging it alphabetically, the authors have included data on the editors of each paper, when and how frequently it was published, the political tendency of the paper, its general content (i. e., politics, literary or regional information, or ecclesiastical news), and its central theme. If the editors of the papers engaged in polemics with other papers, the antagonistic counterparts are included as well. The volume concludes with an index to the guide, under the headings of chronology, regions, names, political tendencies, themes, and collaborators. Researchers will find the Índice de prensa colombiana a helpful supplement to Antonio Cacua Prada’s Historia del periodismo colombiano.