These two volumes are the Western Hemisphere (excluding the United States) parts of the five-volume Greenwood Historical Encyclopedia of the World’s Political Parties. They contain concise histories of the principal parties of each of the forty-eight political entities of the Americas. Each country editor (listed below) deals with the evolution of party ideology, changes in organization, membership and leadership, and each party’s impact upon society.

Volume 1: Anguilla, by Bonham C. Richardson; Antigua, by Robert J. Alexander; Argentina, by John T. Deiner; The Bahamas, by Alexander; Barbados, by Alexander; Belize, by Alexander; Bermuda, by Alexander; Bolivia, by Christopher Mitchell; Brazil, by Jordan Young; British Virgin Islands, by Alexander; Canada, by Allan Kornberg and Harold D. Clarke; Cayman Islands, by Alexander; Chile, by Alexander; Colombia, by Richard E. Sharpless; Costa Rica, by Charles D. Ameringer; Cuba, by Sergio Roca; Dominica, by Vera Green; Dominican Republic, by José M. Sánchez; Ecuador, by David Eugene Blank; El Salvador, by Ronald H. McDonald; Falkland Islands, by Alexander; French Guiana, by Alexander; Grenada, by Bonham C. Richardson.

Volume 2: Guadeloupe, by Alexander; Guatemala, by José M. Sánchez; Guyana, by C. Michael Henry; Haiti, by Leslie Péan; Honduras, by James A. Morris; Jamaica, by C. Michael Henry; Martinique, by Alexander; Mexico, by Marvin Alisky; Montserrat, by Alexander; Netherlands Antilles, by Alexander; Nicaragua, by Neale J. Pearson; Panama, by Sheldon B. Liss; Paraguay, by John T. Deiner; Peru, by Eugenio Chang-Rodríguez; Puerto Rico, by Richard E. Sharpless; Saint Kitts-Nevis, by Bonham C. Richardson; Saint Lucia, by Alexander; Saint Pierre and Miquelon, by Alexander; Saint Vincent, by Alexander; Surinam, by Alexander; Trinidad and Tobago, by C. Michael Henry; Turks and Caicos Islands, by Alexander; Uruguay, by Ronald H. McDonald; Venezuela, by Alexander; Virgin Islands of the United States, by Richard E. Sharpless.