Initialed notices were written by members of the editorial staff.

This important reference tool will prove to be invaluable for Latin Americanists in general and especially for those whose fields of specialization are literature and history. Entries include the most important authors and books of Spain as well as those of Hispanic America. Portuguese and Brazilian literature is not included. Biographical material is included not only for authors of creative literature, but also for those who wrote history, philosophy, essays, and literary criticism, and for others who made significant contributions to the literary life of the hispanic world.

In a random sampling of biographical entries, one comes across such Latin American literary figures as Ciro Alegría, Rufino Blanco-Fombona, Rubén Darío (nearly a full page), Gabriel García Márquez, Joaquín García Monge, José Asunción Silva, and Arturo Uslar Pietri. The range is broad and covers chroniclers and historians from the sixteenth century to essayists of the nineteenth century to contemporary novelists and playwrights. No student of Latin American literary, cultural, or intellectual history should be without this “companion.”