This welcome reference work provides access to poetry, short stories, and plays by 1,122 Spanish American and Brazilian authors born since 1850, appearing in 116 anthologies. As Latin American writings are increasingly used not only in classes devoted to literature, but also in history, sociology, and anthropology, translations into English are in great demand.

In the last twenty years Latin American literature has won a perhaps overdue recognition in Europe and North America as several prestigious international prizes have been granted to Latin authors and with the appearance of the phenomenon known as the “boom.” Excellent translations into English and other European languages have accelerated this growing recognition by publishing houses and academic circles. The pioneering work of such translators as Harriet de Onís and more recently Gregory Rabassa, Suzanne Jill Levine, and Margaret Peden, as well as the labor undertaken by the journals Books Abroad, Tri-Quarterly, and Review (Center for Inter-American Relations, New York) have contributed immeasurably to the dissemination of Latin American literature in translation. The Freudenthals’ careful index supercedes earlier guides by Claude Hulet (Latin American Poetry in English Translation, 1963; and Latin American Prose in English Translation, 1964; both published by the Pan American Union in Washington).