Germán Marín, a Chilean exile, says his purpose is neither a history of Chile or of the CIA, but only of the area in which the two intertwine. He has kept strictly to this objective, listing by year, by month and usually by day from 1947 (the year the CIA was created) to September II, 1975, the CIA activities that had or were calculated to have an impact on the affairs of Chile.

Most of what he reports is already known; much of it verified by United States Congressional investigations or by the Washington Post, New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, and other equally reputable publications. What is valuable is the cumulative effect or arranging chronologically and correlating a host of data, none of which taken separately constitutes decisive evidence.

Also important for the specialist is the identification of a vast number of individuals, Chileans, North Americans, and others, with indications of their interrelations and the roles they played. One is left with a sense of a more objective overview than that provided in recent exposés by ex-CIA agents.