This volume is a reprint of a 1938 guidebook published originally in Mexico. Twelve selected archaeological masterpieces from the old National Museum of Mexico, and one from the Oaxaca Museum are briefly described both in Spanish and in a competent English translation. For some reason the translators’ names are not indicated in this republication, only Alfonso Caso, the author, being cited.

Objects described include the Aztec calendar stone and a series of pottery and stone vessels, mosaics, figurines, and sculpted pieces, originally from central Mexico, the Maya area, Oaxaca, and the Mexican gulf coast region. The text gives something of the history of each object and indicates its place in the context of Mesoamerican archaeology. There is a full-page black and white photograph of each specimen.

The present volume was presumably reprinted because of international interest in Mexico’s splendid new Museum of Anthropology which opened a decade ago. Thirteen Masterpieces would have been enhanced in value had a new introduction been added telling something of the Museum of Anthropology and giving the present provenience of the various pieces. As it now stands, the price of this small book is too high!