Meri Knaster’s annotated bibliography will be welcomed by teachers as well as researchers interested in the situation of women in Spanish America from pre-Columbian times to 1974. Divided into fourteen categories that range from Literature, Education and Law to History, Human Sexuality and Politics, the 2,534 entries represent some of the best and the worst that has been written about Spanish-American women.

Aside from the annotated items, Knaster has included a well-written and helpful general introduction, introductions to each major category, and an author and subject index. Further, she has separate sections for both recent doctoral and masters’ theses, a bibliography of sources she consulted, and internal divisions within categories to deal with subject matter country by country. The work has its limitations: it covers mostly secondary works only in Spanish and and English, it does not include the many works that have been published since 1974, and it does not discuss in depth the possible primary sources available for consultation. Nevertheless, the Knaster bibliography is an important contribution to women’s studies in Latin America.