In this unabashed paean to the conquistadores, Enrique Bunster recounts some familiar and other less familiar tales of the Spanish conquest. Among these, the well-known exploits of Columbus, Cortés and Pizarro are recounted with admiration, as well as the derring-do of Valdivia and the Candide-like adventures of Sarmiento de Gamboa. Surprisingly, the author also bows, albeit briefly, to Araucanian military prowess in the person of Lautaro.

Although atrocities and maltreatment of the Indian are probed, Bunster firmly opts for the relativist apologia for Spanish conduct and emphasizes their bravery and perserverance. Apart from this, the narrative, and a sprinkling of illustrations, combine to provide the vicarious enjoyment of adventure and should serve as entertainment and some edification for the general reader.