This excellent volume is one of an ample series in the Biblioteca “Dimensión Argentina” published under the capable leadership of Gregorio Weinberg of Solar-Hachette. In it are contained three distinct works of Alvaro Barros, each of them concerned with the frontier question of the second half of the last century in Argentina in which Barros played a controversial but pivotal role. Also included is an “Estudio Preliminar” by Pedro Daniel Weinberg which serves as a highly useful introduction for its biographical data on Barros, his published works, and for its eloquent statement on Argentine frontier bibliography. Those responsible for the pubheation of this volume are to be commended for its substantial contents and its impeccable format.

Alvaro Barros remains a central figure in the volatile political disputes in the era of Argentina’s most dynamic development. Though a gentleman of many parts, notably a military and political leader, Barros had considerable impact in influential circles where policies were shaped that helped determine the course the nation would take in extending its frontier by resolving its Indian problem and settling the newly conquered territories. A strident critic, publicist, and moralist, Barros was at heart a zealous nationalist whose voice in his day was heard clearly. But he is much less known to posterity, even in his own land, than are his eminent political enemies and rivals. He is a fascinating personality, equally gifted in the force of his intellect as in his lucid prose. We have in Barros an extraordinary man of romantic proportions whose life has left an indelible mark on the events of his times.