This is the basic published source of letters written by Ricardo Flores Magón (1874-1922) from 1919 to 1922. The current edition with few improvements is a republication of Epistolario revolucionario e íntimo 3 Vols., México, D.F.: Grupo Cultural “Ricardo Flores Magón,” 1925. Thus the value of this edition is that it makes available to students and institutions a basic source for the study of Flores Magón who is of historical importance as an anarchist thinker and organizer. In the past few years several publications have appeared devoted to Flores Magón and El Partido Liberal Mexicano; this collection indicates interest in the subject is continuing. The letters, translated from English to Spanish, since Flores Magón was prohibited from writing in Spanish, provide insight into his thinking during the years immediately preceding his death, and include references to political and legal actions in his behalf as well as to the left politics of the times. A brief chronology of his life heads the edition; there are no table of contents, or index, no explanatory introduction, or preface or other commentary, only the letters which alone make the edition worthwhile.