This paper-bound photographic reproduction of the journal of the primarily legislative General Assembly of 1823 was commissioned as part of the sesquicen-tenial celebration of Brazilian independence in 1972. Though the Assembly had been called prior to September of 1822, it was unable to meet until after the break with Portugal had been accomplished. Part of its task was thus to draft a constitution, but it was a later body that was to produce the Constitution of 1824. Thus, as its exhortative introduction points out, this is an important record. The addition of a list of the delegates, usually with some biographical information about the more renowned, is helpful; however, what made this record more accessible did not make it more tractable. The type is unclear and the printing is of uneven quality. The original index alphabetizes by first names and by the first words of topic titles; it does, however, include commission reports and a list of each deputy’s proposals. The journal’s usefulness would be greatly enhanced by the availability of material on the legislation that was in effect at the time and on the subsequent laws and decrees that were passed and implemented. These tend to be found in graduate libraries, for which this item can be recommended.