The documents in this volume of the on-going definitive edition of Escritos del Libertador are few in number but of more than usual interest. They were written during Bolívar’s brief period of refuge in Jamaica, and as a group they have less to say about day-to-day activities than about the broader issues and events of the independence movement, as Bolívar seeks to arouse the support of foreign governments, individuals, and public opinion. They naturally include the Jamaica Letter, among others. Indeed, it receives special monographic treatment, with discussion and comparison of different Spanish and English versions preceding that finally approved by the Comisión Editora. Certain documents that had appeared in Vol. II of the series, grouped with “Escritos Particulares,” are also reproduced here with the “general” documents but with further annotation.

As in previous volumes, there is an appendix containing both newly uncovered documents that belong chronologically with those published before and “Addenda” that supplement the explanatory material attached to some of the earlier documents. There is the usual chronology of Bolívar’s activities during the period covered by the volume; but this particular volume does not carry an installment of analytical index.

In addition to an “Advertencia Editorial” devoted to the work of compilation and annotation, there is a lengthy “Prólogo” by Cristóbal L. Mendoza which reviews and interprets the activities and writings of Bolívar during his Jamaican sojourn. It is a competent example of its genre but does not say much that is new. A shorter prologue, dedicated simply to pointing out what net addition the present volume makes to an understanding of the Liberator’s career, would perhaps have been more useful. Even so, Venezuela’s Bolivarian establishment once again deserves the sincere gratitude of all interested scholars for making available the known texts of the Liberator in an edition that meets the highest standards of technical excellence. What John Lombardi stated in this respect in reviewing the first four volumes of the series (HAHR, 50:1 [February 1970], 150-151) is equally true of the present volume.