There is, both within and without the historical profession, a growing number of aficionados devoted to the study of arms and armament of the past—a curious phenomenon in a nation supposedly hellbent on peace. This volume represents an effort to compile a complete catalog, pictorial and verbal, of the military tools of the Spaniards in America for the years 1700-1821. Thus there is a brief historical overview of the time span involved, followed by chapters on firearms, accoutrements, swords, and cannon, as well as one inclusive chapter covering lesser weapons such as polearms, knives, and bayonets. In addition, there is a thin bibliography, a technical glossary, and an index. It should come as no surprise to find that the description given each weapon reads like a museum display card, for the co-authors of this piece are of the museum persuasion by training and employment. And they give a long list of thanks for aid in this undertaking, a fitting admission of their debts in that neither is widely fluent in Spanish. The book is indispensable to anyone researching the history of Spaniards in the American Southwest during the years covered.