This highly useful volume is the best Mexican-American Studies bibliography available. It lists and annotates major books and articles as well as key dissertations and thesis and does so in accurate, concise scholarly descriptions. The descriptions are indexed according to subject matter i.e. poverty, braceros, corridos and according to scholarly disciplines. We are also offered a list of major Mexican-American newspapers in the Southwest.

As the title indicates, this is a selected bibliography and therefore does not include every single item in the field, but the selection has been judicious and I think few scholars in Mexican-American Studies would disagree with the entries selected, although, as is usually the case, all of us can think of one or two items that should have been included. The only major sources of materials which the compilers have not touched are Mexican scholarship and Mexican governmental documents dealing with Mexican-Americans, but they announce their intention of doing so in a forthcoming edition of the bibliography.

We are all patiently waiting for a group of diligent scholars to produce a comprehensive annotated bibliography for Mexican-Americans, but for the moment, Mr. Nogales and his staff are to be congratulated for adding a valuable scholarly tool to Mexican-American Studies.