Initialed notices were written by Richard N. Adams, Beverly J. Gibbs, William P. Glade, Richard Graham, Terence Grieder, Isidro Guzmán, Edward Rhoads, Richard Sinkin, all of the University of Texas, Austin.

This pamphlet provides a quick, workable acquaintance with Andrew Jackson’s role in Spanish West Florida events in 1812-1821. It reprints valuable source material including excerpts from the Diary of John Banks (1936), an officer in Jackson’s 1818 Pensacola campaign; “A Topographical Memoir of East and West Florida . . .” by Hugh Young, an engineer captain in that campaign; and a View of West Florida (1827) by John Lee Willams.

The pamphlet also contains brief articles by E. W. Carswell on the 1818 campaign; Frederick K. Abbott on West Florida’s transfer to the United States on July 17, 1821; William S. Coker on the background leading to that transfer; Pat Dodson on Jackson-connected sites in Pensacola; and James A. Servies on a selected subject bibliography. The latter is the most effective contribution.

The pamphlet’s weakness is that nothing explains satisfactorily the circumstances that made the Spanish presence in West Florida untenable.