This addition to Viking Press’ “Modern Masters” series is an excellent readable introduction to the life and thought of Ché Guevara.

In chronological fashion those major elements in the life of the Heroic Guerrilla which have helped shape the worldwide cult of Ché are briefly covered. Sinclair is sympathetic in his presentation of both Ché the man and Ché the theoretician. Although he notes the standard criticisms of Ché’s shortcomings, he places those issues in a broader context which underlines his accomplishments and interprets his “failures.” His final assessment of Ché’s influence is quasi-Messianic: “Because he fought for the poor, and because he chose to be sacrificed in his prime, he gives a mystical feeling that he dies for us, for all humanity” (p. 105).

This brief book invites the casual reader to undertake more in-depth exploration—and a good summary bibliography at the end gives concrete assistance. Although $4.95 is a lot to pay for a 115-page book, the paper version at $1. 65 should find a large market. This book is useful for interpretive and “consciousness-raising” purposes among several sectors, including both radical first year undergraduates and their middle-of-the-road parents.