We take this opportunity to send our greetings to fellow members of the profession as we initiate our term of editorial responsibility for the premier journal in the field. We view our task as a key responsibility and a challenging opportunity. With your support and assistance we hope to make this lustro an important one in the HAHR’s history.

Beginning its second half century of existence the HAHR appears with a new cover, new type face, book notices printed at full measure and the announcement of forthcoming articles on the back cover. Most of the changes have been made not for their own sake, but to improve readability and appearance. We welcome your comments and constructive criticism on these and any other matters during our tenure as editors.

Our inheritance from Professors Quirk and Pletcher includes almost a year’s supply of articles. Nonetheless, we’ll do everything possible to expedite the publication of top-quality articles submitted and recommended for publication by the two outside readers that will now be employed in each instance. We are most anxious to include a better representation of the scholarly efforts of senior members of the profession as well as the initial efforts of outstanding young scholars. It is our hope to have a good balance between more traditional historical writing and the newer social sciences-oriented scholarship.

We have begun the process of commissioning special articles and would welcome your suggestions both as to topic and logical contributor for essays you feel need to be done. We request your help in identifying younger scholars who are working on significant subjects so that they may be encouraged to submit the results of their research to the HAHR.

Recently we circulated the members of the profession in order to bring our reviewers’ information file up to date. If you have not had an opportunity to send us information on the area of your expertise feel free to write us. Advanced graduate students may also wish to review books on their specialty and are encouraged to send us their names and qualifications. It is our purpose to bring as many qualified reviewers into participation as possible while speeding up the process whereby evaluations of published books are made available to our readers. When you have occasion to be in Latin America or other places where relevant books are published, please let us know of titles meriting review and urge publishers of such works to see to it that the HAHR receives review copies.

We have been encouraged by the demonstrated willingness of scholars to assist us by reading manuscripts and preparing reviews. The success of our efforts is very much dependent on continued cooperation in these ways. Be assured that your suggestions and criticisms are very much appreciated.