This is a valuable but exasperating source book of interest to Luso-Brazilianists of all disciplinary persuasions. There are many serious shortcomings. In spite of protestations to the contrary, there is no system whatever in the alphabetization of names. Instead, the reader finds an incredible and inexcusable chaos of first, middle, and last name entries. Similar names are differently listed and numerous other lapses include: 1) Mispelled names 2) Double listings for authors according to place of publication, not place of birth (see entries under Gonzaga, João Cabral de Melo Neto, Plínio Salgado, Silva Alvarenga); 3) Parts of names left off, especially “Júnior” and “Filho” (President João Café Filho is listed as “João Café”!); 4) Works mis-attributed and not cross-referenced; 5) Pseudonym mistakes i.e., not identifying at all, attributing real name to pseudonymous works, listing a famous work as anonymous when the pseudonym is in the book and the identity of the author is well-known, e.g., [António Duarte Ferrão], Padre João da Silva Rebêlo; 6) and inclusion of bookseller’s remarks in text descriptions.