This sumptuously produced, beautifully printed, and lavishly illustrated work derives jointly from a labor of love and from expertise. The fame of H. P. Kraus’ almost legendary collection of manuscripts, books, maps, medals, and other material relating to Drake is now shown to be fully deserved; and it is here placed in its historical setting in a manner that could not be bettered.

Despite the fact that Drake has for so long attracted the attention of professional and amateur writers on naval history and the Elizabethan age, Kraus has managed to assemble in less than a dozen years a significant amount of new material (principally Spanish), as well as some well-publicized rarities, such as the silver map-medal of 1589. The collection contains original documents from the Medina Sidonia archives; the Spanish plans for new fortifications of San Juan de Ulúa, c. 1570; charts of La Coruña and El Ferrol in 1589; and a hitherto unrecorded work appealing against the death-sentence passed on Don Pedro Vique Manrique, commander of the galley flotilla at Cartegena de Indias, for his failure to prevent Drake’s capture of that stronghold in 1586.

Consultation of this work is indispensable for any serious student of Anglo-Spanish rivalry in the period 1568-1603 ; and if the price inevitably puts it beyond the purse of the average student, every good university library should buy it.