Since the Luso-Brazilians founded the settlement of Colônia do Sacramento on the left bank of the Río de la Plata in 1680, the area, which after 1828 became the nation of Uruguay, has had intimate relations with Brazil. Uruguay won its independence from Brazil—not from Spain—only to suffer repeated Brazilian interventions in the nineteenth century. On the other hand, relations between the two have been generally cordial in the twentieth century.

The intertwining of their histories means that men of letters in both countries have written much about the other. This bibliography, the first of its kind, lists 387 books, pamphlets, and periodicals published in Uruguay during the past century and a half which refer to Brazil and Brazilian authors. The bibliography is broken down into ten subjects: art, economies, geography, history, language, frontiers, literature, periodicals, international relations, and treaties. The section on history contains the largest number of titles.

The events which receive the most attention throughout are the Cisplatine War, the antecedents to the War of the Triple Alliance, and the question of marking the frontier with Brazil. The bibliography seems to be suggestive rather than definitive. For example, it omits all the works which touch upon Brazil only in part or in passing.