This bibliography is undoubtedly a welcome addition to the field of Hispanic studies. The format is helpful once one becomes accustomed to using the table of contents freely. The introductory section, which contains general works on sixteenth-century Spain and Spanish mysticism as well as previous bibliographies on San Juan, is arranged alphabetically within topics, but the body of the bibliography is set up chronologically by topic. Sources are included which have appeared as late as 1964.

Each of the 2117 entries is numbered, and there is an index of authors’ names, with the numbers of entries by any given author. The compiler is apparently not familiar with English names, though, for Henry Charles Lea is listed as Charles Henry Lea, and Otis H. Green is alphabetized under O.

Notable by their absence are sources dealing with the Inquisition and its relations with the Spanish mystics. For example, the only listing by Henry C. Lea is Chapters from the Religions History of Spain (1890). His four-volume study, A History of the Inquisition of Spain (1906-1907) receives no mention at all.

Entries numbered from 156 to 163 seem to have been added at a later date, for they are neither alphabetical nor chronological in arrangement, but they are included in the author index. There is some lack of consistency in the format used for the listings. Most of the works cited include place of publication and publisher, but some entries do not mention the latter.

Still, these faults are minor when one considers that we now have an almost-complete bibliography on San Juan de la Cruz which includes sources published as recently as four years ago.